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Enhance Your Wardrobe: Custom Closet Design


Your closet is more than just a space to put items away. It’s a space where you transform—your most meaningful clothing, shoes and outfits are kept here, and it is a space where you finalize your look before any occasion, big or small.


Your closet is a reflection of your values and principles. As an element of your overall interior design, you want to ensure that your closet is designed as you envisioned.


We can help you create your dream custom closet or cabinet—to complement and upgrade the current layout and design of your home:


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3. Custom Closets

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Customize Your Closet


Whether you’re looking to showcase your designer-wear clothing and footwear or just want to have a more organized space we have a design for every budget. Our variety of finishes and closet accessories will have you dreaming like a kid in a candy store.


Our team of designers and expert installers can not just double your storage space but can give you a bespoke dream closet where dressing up for work or play is something you look forward to every single day.


We can help you select suitable shelving, drawers and lighting, and the overall layout and design—optimizing for comfort, functionality and aesthetics. We can even take it a step further if you have the budget for it with wallcoverings as a design backdrop or add in some accessories for an extra glam look. Whatever you choose we aim to ensure a 100% client satisfaction.

Reach-In Closets

These are typically shelved with a bar for hanging items, and is the most common type of closet you’ll see in a home. With fully customizable storage options, built-in drawers, accessory shelves/trays and much more, you’ll find that these custom closets are excellent for saving space with a sense of organization. What does this mean? Quick and accessible, perfect for grabbing what you need before heading out for work, meetings, or lunch with friends.

Reach in Closet
Reach in Closet

Walk-In Closets

Every girl’s dream closet, these custom closets are a chance to create a beautiful showcase of your best items, and fully immerse yourself in the process of looking your best. For those with luxury collections, this type of closet is an excellent choice to create a focal point. Of course, there will be considerations for lighting and electrical, to ensure it is a bright and inviting atmosphere with your own personal touch of style.

Wardrobe Closets

Organized spaces lead to a tranquil mind, and a wardrobe closet can help reduce clutter and add balance to a room’s overall decor. Gain extra space by maximizing the storage options of a wardrobe closet, with a specific area to tuck away everything you need. With all our custom closets, you can make this type of closet your own, adding space for laundry hampers, jewelry storage, hanging space, and anything else you could imagine!

Wardrobe Closet
Wardrobe Closet
Traditional Storage

Transitional Storage Solutions

Beautifully hand-crafted storage cabinets with a quality finish. These are excellent pieces of decor that can help significantly reduce clutter—organize your life by making use of a customized piece that can include storage shelves, drawers, swinging doors, and much more.

Traditional Storage

Rethinking Custom Closet Design

From reach-in closets to full walk-in closets and every other conceivable type of custom closet design, we’ve helped our clients in Bolton, Caledon and Mississauga craft the perfect custom closets tailored to their exact specifications for several years.

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1. Please allow 30 to 60 minutes for your FREE consultation

You will meet with a design consultant at your home, who will discuss your style and function preferences in addition to your vision for the project’s outcome.


2. Your Design Consultant will assess and measure the area

This assess-and-measure session will help determine the exact design and material solutions required to meet your vision. From here, they will present different options for you and meet with various contractors and specialists to finalize design-build plans.


3. Finalize the Design Together

You and your Design Consultant will arrange the next steps of the process to finalize the materials and design. You will work with a CAD design of your space to preview your final project in its entirety and tweak any subtle details before beginning the work.