Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Our comprehensive services include:


  • Office Design

    We optimize office layouts for improved workflow while reflecting your style through finishes, furnishings and decor. Our designers understand the importance of creating a productive, comfortable workspace that impresses clients and employees. From ergonomic furniture selection to innovative space planning, we strive to create an environment that enhances efficiency and fosters creativity.

        Office Design



  • Retail Design

    Draw customers in with retail spaces that showcase your products in an inviting atmosphere. Our retail design experts understand the nuances of visual merchandising and create layouts that optimize product visibility and customer flow. We pay attention to every detail, from strategic placement of shelving and displays to lighting design and colour schemes, to ensure that your retail space reflects your brand image and entices customers to explore and make purchases.

       Retail Design



  • Restaurant Design

    Enhance the dining experience with smart kitchen layouts and stylish, comfortable dining rooms. Our restaurant design specialists create environments that look visually stunning and optimize functionality and efficiency. We understand the importance of creating a seamless flow between the kitchen and dining areas, ensuring that your chefs can work efficiently while your guests enjoy a memorable dining experience. From selecting durable and easy-to-clean surfaces to creating the perfect ambiance through lighting and decor, we transform your restaurant into a space that delights customers and staff.

      Restaurant Design




  • Clinic Design

    Welcome patients with relaxing reception areas and treatment rooms designed for comfort and efficiency. Our clinic design experts understand the unique requirements of healthcare environments and create spaces that promote a sense of calm and well-being. We carefully consider factors such as patient flow, privacy, and accessibility to ensure that your clinic operates smoothly and provides a positive patient and staff experience.

     Dental Office Renovations




We bring your vision to life with 3D renderings, material samples, and detailed plans. Our designers oversee the project from concept to completion, turning complicated builds into realities.


Why Choose Us?

  • Custom millwork like reception desks, display cases, shelving
  • Energy-efficient lighting design 
  • Flooring from tile to hardwood suited for commercial use
  • Handling of permits, contractors and inspections


commercial interior design



Contact the interior design experts at Alpha & Omega in Mississauga for commercial premises as unique as your business. We’re ready to elevate your space with style, functionality, and impeccable design. Let us create a commercial interior that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!

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