Luxury Furniture to Stage Million-Dollar Villas

March 2, 2020

Staging a multi-million dollar home is becoming a vital investment for sellers. These multi-million dollar homes should look opulent and extraordinary to buyers. Home stagers bring a property alive by using luxury furniture and custom framed art. A detached home sits on the market for around a month. Buyers are willing to pay 1-6% more for a beautifully staged home. These staged homes sell twice as fast as other properties. Home sellers enjoy better and faster results with a staged home. Experts in the real estate industry highly recommend getting all rooms staged. Buyers for high-end homes are looking for a complete and lavish visual buying experience.

Home staging is now recognized as one of the expenses which have the highest ROI at home sales. Home sellers of these properties are now realizing the importance of staging a home before listing it. Home sellers save big money by saving the extra cost incurred by a home sitting on the market. A home stager carefully researches the target buyer market. Home staging is all about the prospective buyer. At Alpha and Omega our home stagers in mississauga take extra effort to showcase the extravagant lifestyle enjoyed by the would-be buyers of the house. Various properties and neighborhoods cater to various lifestyles. Some houses are located in neighborhoods with great schools and parks. Some properties are appealing to busy professionals. Every type of buyer category is looking for certain affluent features. How do we bring out the character and richness of such properties? Below are some of the most popular techniques:

Furniture: Affluent and savvy buyers in the market are conscious of their carbon footprint. Furniture made from reclaimed wood becomes a great selling point. Empty or too cluttered rooms become a hindrance in the selling process. Home stagers use luxury furniture during staging a multi-million dollar property. Furniture is used as a primary tool to bring out the best features of all the rooms in your property. Living and master bedrooms carry the biggest weight of home selling decision for the buyer.

Home stagers at Alpha and Omega conduct an in-depth survey of your home. After this survey, we will recommend changes in décor and furniture. These changes are required to bring the best character of the house. This rich character of the property is developed to cater to a specific clientele. A staged home embodies a buyer’s wishes and thoughts, and it sells quickly. At Alpha and Omega, we bring an empty home alive. We furnish the house the luxurious furniture, which conveys opulence in every sense. Along with furniture we install architectural lighting, TVs and sound systems. We have a stocked warehouse of furniture and we have helped many multi-million dollar houses sell quickly in Brampton and Mississauga. We offer home staging consulting services and high-end furniture rental services for selling purposes.

Wall Art: Large scale art pieces adorn the walls of every multi-million dollar home. Home stagers place large statement art pieces in neutral and warm tones. One of the kind art pieces help elevate the look of any house to an affluent property. Home stagers at Alpha and Omega have access to unique art pieces in various color palettes. We stocked various pieces that can enhance the look and feel of any room in your house.

Accents pieces and other subtle décor pieces create an aesthetically cohesive luxurious look for your multi-million dollar home. We give special attention to master ensuite and walk-in closets. Our professional home stagers in mississauga have a wide array of luxurious furniture and accents pieces. Multi-million dollar properties cater to an exclusive clientele. Home stagers at Alpha and Omega have an established and proven track record of quickly selling these exclusive properties.

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