Interior Design Trends for Homes in 2024

April 25, 2024

The new year is approaching, meaning interior design trends and styles constantly evolve. As a leading interior design and home staging company in Mississauga, we like to stay on top of the latest trends so we can help our clients create beautiful, on-trend spaces. 

Biophilic and Eco-Friendly Design

Our connection to nature has become even more critical these past few years. In 2024, biophilic and eco-friendly design will be a massive trend as people strive to bring more nature inside. Look for the increased use of natural materials like wood, stone and plants. Sustainable furniture and decor from recycled or reclaimed materials will also be in high demand. Houseplants and living walls will continue growing in popularity as stylish ways to purify indoor air and create serene, life-affirming spaces. Clients may also be invested in using low-VOC paints and finishes to make their homes healthier.

Smart Home Technology 

Innovative technology is making homes more convenient than ever before. Voice controls for lighting, thermostats and other systems saw increased adoption in 2023 and will become even more sophisticated in the coming year. Innovations like smart glass that changes opacity at the touch of a button add to the seamless integration of tech into interior design. Incorporate features like touchscreen remotes or smart plugs to add automation to lighting or appliances.

Statement Tiles 

Large-format tiles are coming on strong for 2024. Expect to see more dramatic patterns, artistic layouts and one-of-a-kind designs used on floors and walls alike. Oversized tiles elevate a space and make a unique decorative statement. Consider tile backsplashes, accent walls or flooring with unique designs to add visual interest.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

The Home Office Goes Permanent 

After the remote work boom of the past two years, the designated home office space is here to stay. Homeowners will invest more in creating ergonomic, multipurpose and stylish work-from-home areas. Furnish your office space with an adjustable standing desk, comfortable ergonomic chair and task lighting to encourage productivity and comfort. Add a touch of greenery or artwork to enhance inspiration.

Monochrome Color Palettes

Monochrome colour palettes will satisfy those wanting a sleeker, moodier alternative to maximalism. We expect to see the increased popularity of all-black, all-white or all-grey interiors where every material and surface is drenched in a single tone. This allows for clean lines and dramatic lighting, creating a calming sense of tranquillity. Expect the use of the same colour on walls, floors, furniture and decorative objects alike. While it may initially seem severe, subtle texture variations within materials keep monochrome rooms feeling sophisticated versus stark. This on-trend motif provides harmony and minimal stress on the eye.

Faux & DIY Materials

As sustainability grows more critical, faux materials attempting to replicate luxury items but using affordable, eco-friendly alternatives will rise. Faux marble, leather, stone, vegan vinyl, and furs will abound. Marble-print wallpaper is an easy way to add the look of luxury without high costs or installation difficulties. More cost-friendly materials that facilitate DIY projects at home, like peel-and-stick wall tiles and stick-on backsplashes, and wrapping decorative objects yourself in faux materials will satisfy the design-savvy set. DIY projects allow personalized touch and control over one’s space.

Soft Furniture & Textiles

Comfort will continue to be king in interior design with the prevalence of soft, cozy fabrics and furniture. Velvet, boucle, faux fur and chunky knits in throws and pillows provide a plush appeal that soothes the soul—slouchy corduroy or velour armchairs and sofas command relaxation among friends and family. Even hard surfaces get the soft treatment with sheepskin area rugs and upholstered headboards, providing tactile luxury. While maintaining a sleek, tailored foundation, primarily through wood furnishings, softness through layered textiles makes a home welcoming.

Golden & Bronze Accents

The warmer tones of gold and bronze provide sophisticated warmth for the new year. Gilded mirrors, lamps and photo frames impart an antique glow. Bronze finishes on everything from knobs and pulls to curtain rods, and hardware lends polished shine. Gold is an opulent counterpoint to pared-down white spaces and pairs beautifully with earthy woods, moody blues and jewel tones. Used judiciously through more minor touches rather than going overboard, brass and gold accents elevate simplicity through their richness. Look for this trend in traditional and contemporary settings for its versatile, classic appeal.

Natural Finishes

Natural finishes symphonize perfectly as design trends become more interested in eco-conscious choices. Think raw, reclaimed wood panelling and beams, concrete floors and countertops, stone, marble and travertine. Rustic accents bring texture, while materials like terrazzo combine several elements harmoniously. Beyond being earth-friendly, natural surfaces hold a relaxed, lighthearted vibe. Wood looks with milky stains or a weathered grey patina pair well with current farmhouse trends. Concrete’s relaxed yet lived-in feel adds depth. Letting materials showcase their innate qualities without heavy treatment suits the sustainable design ethos.

Outdoor/Indoor Connection

With so much time spent at home in recent years and a desire to embrace wellness, the lines between interior and exterior continue blurring. Floor-to-ceiling glass, retractable walls and comprehensive open-concept floor plans maximize outdoor views inside. However, the outdoors also increasingly comes inside through lush indoor landscaping displaying ferns and tropicals. Fireplaces and their mantels get reinvented to hold planters of greenery instead of tchotchkes. Outdoor accessories like bistro tables, string lights and palm leaf print cushions create vacation vibes year-round. Porches morph into three-season rooms, and outdoor showers enhance the spa experience.

Living Room Renovation

Authenticity Takes Priority 

Individuality, craftsmanship and personality will come to the forefront of 2024 design trends. Homeowners will gravitate towards authentic materials, local artisans and unique vintage finds that tell a story. Mixing heritage pieces with modern accents showcases your individuality. Highlight treasured novelty items, wallhangings from travels or one-of-a-kind furniture.

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