How to Choose the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room

July 25, 2023

Living Room

A well-made rug can transform a space, although choosing a rug for your home is not always easy. While it’s tempting to select one that looks beautiful, you cannot focus on appearance alone, and there are more factors you need to consider, including size. 

Size is a very big consideration, as the rug you purchase must be relative to the size of the room. The right rug will make your space feel cozy and comfortable, and choosing the right-sized rug will elevate the overall aesthetic and feel of any room. When selecting a rug, there are certain mistakes you must avoid, including the following:

1. Choosing a rug that is too small

When a rug is too small, the room will feel disjointed.

2. Choosing a rug that is the same colour as your couch, walls and throw blanket

This level of matching can be boring and unappealing, which also applies to neutral colours. 

3. Choosing a rug that is the same texture as your furniture

A rug is the perfect opportunity to add a different texture, and choosing one that is too similar to the rest of the furniture will create a boring and uninviting space. 

4. Choosing a rug pattern that is too bold and busy

A bold rug is great, but choosing one with a strong pattern and pairing it with loud throw pillows can feel overwhelming. While every element in the room should not be the exact same tone or colour, you shouldn’t choose a rug that is too much, either. 

Tips to Choose the Perfect Rug

Always consider your space. You must think about the room as a whole, from the floor to the ceiling, and following these rug rules will help you select the best rug for any room:

  1. Make sure the rug is large enough to place the entire front of the couch on it. 
  2. Choose a rug that is big enough for at least two legs of all other furniture in the room to be on the rug. 
  3. If all of your furniture in the room is entirely on the rug, you’ve chosen a rug that is too big for your space. 
  4. Pair a rug with a beautiful ceiling light fixture to bring the entire design together and draw the eye all the way from the base of the room to the top. 

If you are searching for an interior designer near me, they may suggest layering rugs because this is an effective tactic that will elevate the appearance of your space. They will colour-coordinate the rugs to be tonal or complementary and choose the right size because layering rugs will only look good if you use different sizes. You need to first find a large one and then add a smaller one on top to serve as an accent. 

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