How Impressive Staging Can Help You Prepare An Outdated Property For Sale

September 11, 2020

As a certified home Staging Company in Oakville, ON, our expertise lies in showcasing a property in the best way possible. With several years of experience, we have worked with clients from different professions and staged all types of properties, so we know how to present a home in such a manner that it appeals to a multitude of potential buyers. 

If you’re selling a home these days, in most parts of the country, just putting up a for sale sign and hoping for the best probably won’t be enough. In Today’s real estate market, homeowners sometimes have to take extra steps to sell their home faster. For sellers trying to make a good impression, home staging in Oakville has become a popular way to increase a home’s selling price. To make the biggest impact, stage your home before your listing photos are taken. You want a potential buyer to have the best first impression possible. Here’s our list of favorite tips to get you well on your way to a home that buyers will want to make their own.

Start with your Living Room:

When people walk through the front door and into your living room, they should feel like they’re already home. Below are some tips to help your living room stand out from the rest.

  • When placing anything from accent pillows and table lamps, go for symmetry, which is pleasing to the eye.
  • Light it up with lamps. Chic lamps provide both added lighting and appealing decor.
  • Help buyers imagine their life in your home. Set the scene by displaying a board game or tea service on the coffee table, and arrange furniture in conversational groups.
  • Let a slideshow of beautiful images play on your television like a screensaver.

Increase Light and Space:

Most buyers want to see that a home has plenty of natural light. Remove heavy draperies and open up the blinds. Hide an unattractive view with sheer window coverings that still allow in light. Replace any outdated light fixtures, upping the wattage in each light bulb to its maximum safe capacity. Aim for about 100 watts every 50 square feet. Need some extra light? Add lamps in any dark area. Quickly update outdated lamps with clean white drum shades.

Rearrange your furniture:

You want there to be as much open, walk able space as possible. This helps buyers navigate the space, and also helps them better visualize their furniture in each room. Put extraneous furniture in storage to get it out of the way, focusing on getting rid of any oversized pieces, damaged pieces, and those that don’t match the rest of the room. With the furniture that’s left, rearrange it to make the room look and feel as spacious as possible.

Consider Adding a Deck:

Home Buyers always love the decks to be appealing, they give the homeowner another point of egress from the home to the yard, which tends to add value. A deck increases a home’s usable space- but costs only half of what it to would build a new room in the house. It has been observed from my Real Estate Agents and Staging Companies in Oakville when you spent the money to add a deck onto your home, you will likely be able to recoup more than eight percent of its cost at sale time.

The Bottom Line:

At Alpha and Omega Staging, we are proud of our ability to transform homes in the shortest time and highest selling price. We understand that sometimes clients have unique demands, but we work to ensure our clients take in maximum benefits from our services. 

To set up an initial consultation with any of our professional home stagers in Oakvillecontact us today.